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Other highlights:

  • Model No: SZ-GS8355
  • Anti-Drying technology for both burner*
  • Left and Right Burner up to 5.3kW heat intensity; center 2.0kW
  • Glass with NANO coating for easy cleaning
  • Special Windshield Energy Saving Gathering wok rack x 1
  • Special Heat Resistance wok rack x 1
  • Fast ignition technology
  • Build-in Flame Failure Device (Auto gas cut-off within 10 seconds)
  • Heat Resistance Tempered Glass Futex
  • Battery operated auto-ignition
  • Removable burner cap
  • Easy to clean
  • Safety valve
  • Gas Type: LPG
  • Gas Pressure: 2800 kPA

Remarks: This model is equipped with anti-dry burning technology to enhance safety measures. It activates automatically when temperatures reach 290°C or higher to prevent overheating and potential accidents. Thus constant deep frying in high temperature might active anti-drying technology as a safety measures that you may take into consideration


*The anti-drying technology is not available for center burner

CAUTION: Please ensure that the burner cap is placed securely and evenly to prevent any gas leaks and potential fire hazards.
Operation: 1) Pressed and hold the knob for 3 – 5 seconds before turning it. 2) After flame ignites, keep pressing the knob for 5 more seconds before releasing it to prevent the flame from going out.
Remark: When either of the knobs is pressed, both ignition pins will light up, indicating that the gas is ready to ignite. However, the gas supply for each burner is separate, so only the burner that has been turned on will ignite and produce a flame.


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