Who We Are

Chop Seng Hock Electrical Sdn. Bhd. was started in Northern of Malaysia and has become a well-established brand in electrical home appliances. In the rapid development of home appliances, the brand has brought a lot of fun and comfort to many families.

Chop Seng Hock Electrical Sdn. Bhd. is the longest standing brand in electrical home appliances in Northern of Malaysia that was founded by Mr. Ong Lim Wan in 1957.

Our History

Chop Seng Hock Electrical Sdn. Bhd. was born in 1957 in Malaya. It started as a foreign goods store selling personal care products and general household items. Mr. Ong Lim Wan called it Chop Seng Hock and built up a good reputation for it.

With the continuous development of science and technology, Malaysia entered the era of home appliances in the 1970s, and Chop Seng Hock began selling the first generation of electrical appliances, such as radios, black and white TVs, etc.

With his keen insight and sensitivity into the home appliance market, Mr. Ong Lim Wan led Chop Seng Hock into the home appliance retail field and focused all his attention on the home appliance field.

Into the Future

After years of laying a solid foundation, the second generation took over the leadership in 2008, inherited the ambitions of their fathers, and actively built Chop Seng Hock into a chain development, establishing its position as the number one brand of home appliances in northern Malaysia.

Led by 2nd generations of leaders to give the best retail services, Chop Seng Hock Electrical has established itself as the most reputable retail brand name in electrical home appliances throughout the northern part of Malaysia.

Now in addition to home and appliances, we also provide services such as repairs, mover teams, installation targets, etc., to become your one-stop dream house planner.