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PerfectCare Compact Plus
Steam generator iron - GC7933/36

Finish ironing 30 minutes faster

So fast and convenient, and you'll never worry about burning clothes. Finish faster with twice as much steam as a steam iron. No settings to change and faster results with better wrinkle removal. Easy to iron your basket in one go.

Finish ironing 30 minutes faster

Compared to Philips steam iron Azur*

  • Max 6.5 bar pump pressure
  • Up to 450g steam boost
  • 1.5L detachable water tank
  • Carry lock

Guaranteed no burns

Even if you're multi-tasking or get distracted, you'll never burn your clothes. Thanks to our OptimalTEMP technology, we promise this steam generator iron will never burn any ironable fabric. You can even leave it resting face down on your clothes or ironing board. No burns, no shine. Guaranteed.

Powerful steam for ultimate crease removal

When you need to tackle tough creases with ease, rely on our continuous steam to do the hard work for you. Watch those creases melt away when you use an extra boost of steam where you need it. And it's perfect when you want to steam vertical curtains or refresh hanging clothes.

Lightweight and compact for easy use and storage

Thanks to its compact size it's light and easy to handle as you iron your clothes. It even fits on your ironing board. But don't think smaller means less powerful. Thanks to our exclusive ProVelocity technology, we've made powerful steam generators that are lightweight and more compact than ever.

Large detachable water tank for easy refilling

A 1.5-liter transparent tank gives you up to 1.5 hours of continuous use. See clearly how much water is left and refill easily at any time under the tap through the large filling door.

Calc-clean container included - no cartridges, no extra cost

It's easy to maintain your steam generator with Smart Calc Clean, our built in descaling system. It will remind you when it's time to descale and includes a container to make descaling easy and safe. Since it is reusable you will save money and never need to buy extra cartridges.

No temperature settings to change

Save a step in your weekly ironing routine. You won't need to separate fabrics or change settings and wait for the temperature to change anymore. Thanks to OptimalTEMP, you iron everything from your denim jeans to delicate silks without adjusting the temperature.

Scratch-resistant SteamGlide Plus soleplate for smooth glide

Our scratch-resistant SteamGlide Plus soleplate delivers excellent gliding performance on any fabric. Our patented 5-layer coating with its advanced titanium layer effortlessly glides on any fabric for the fastest results.

Carry lock for safe and easy transport

Lock your iron securely to the base station for easy carrying around the house and to reduce the risk of accidentally touching the hot soleplate.

Safe and easy auto shut-off

The automatic shut off function automatically switches off your steam generator iron if it has not been used for a few minutes. This saves energy and gives you peace of mind.

Technical Specifications

Easy to use

  • Safe on all ironable fabrics: Even delicates like silk
  • Water tank capacity: 1500 ml
  • Soleplate gliding performance: 4 stars
  • Soleplate name: SteamGlide Plus
  • Detachable water tank: Yes
  • Refill any time during use: Yes
  • Tap water suitable: Yes
  • Power cord length: 1.65 m
  • Hose length: 1.6 m
  • Integrated power plug: Yes
  • Precision steam tip: Yes
  • Ready to use
    • Light indicator
    • Sound indicator
  • Soleplate scratch resistance: 4 stars
  • Auto shut-off: Yes

Size and weight

  • Packaging dimensions (WxHxL): 23 x 26.5 x 42.6 cm
  • Weight of iron: 1.3 kg
  • Product dimensions (WxHxL): 20 x 23.3 x 37.1 cm
  • Total weight with packaging: 3.85 kg
  • Weight of iron + base: 2.8 kg

Green efficiency

  • Energy saving*: 40 %
  • Product packaging: 100% recycable
  • Recycled plastic used: 15 %
  • User manual: 100% recycled paper


  • Carry lock: For transportation and safety
  • Cord storage: Velcro fix
  • Hose storage: Hose storage compartment


  • 2 year worldwide guarantee: Yes

Fast crease removal

  • Pressure: Max 6.5 bar pump
  • Power: 2400 W
  • Continuous steam: Up to 120 g/min
  • Steam boost: Up to 450 g
  • Vertical steam: Yes
  • Voltage: 220-240 V
  • Ready to use: 2 minute(s)
  • Steam-on-demand: Yes

Scale management

  • Descaling and cleaning: Smart Calc Clean
  • Descaling reminder
    • Light
    • Sound


  • OptimalTEMP technology: Yes
  • For all ironable fabrics: Yes
  • No burns: Yes
  • No temperature settings needed: Yes
  • ProVelocity steam engine: Yes


  • Color: Purple Magic

Accessories included

  • Calc clean container: Yes

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